Vedanta Advaita, digital editions



Summary: A book that lays a bridge between the Fields of
Cognition and other books by Sesha. Based on commentaries of the
Hindu text of aphorisms; Drg Drsya Viveka (discernment over the
nature of the nature of perceiver and what is perceived), Sesha
deepens into the main themes in Avaita Vedanta tradition with
absolute clarity and down to earth style. A clarification that
shows each one of the aphorisms by bringing them closer to the
Western mind. Exemplary unfolding of the analysis of the higher
states of consciousness and specifically Samadhi.

Index (partial):

• Prologue and introduction
• Commented Slokas from 1 to 46
• Index of figures
• Index of Tables
• Appendix: aphorisms