THE ETERNAL PRESENT, digital edition in Spanish




The realization of being, a path towards meditation in action

Brief:  An easy to read book with question-answer wrap-ups at the end of each chapter where the Karma Yoga system of the Advaita Vedanta tradition is comprised. This is a unique book of its genre where the nature of action and the way to make it a meditative act that leads to the inner final freedom is broken down to pieces.

Index (Partial)

FIST PART, Theoretical considerations

• The dilemma of correct action in the western system of thought.
• Basis of the Indo-European ethics.
• Modalities of the action.
• The right action.
• The appetite for the fruit of the action.
• The selfishness in the action

SECOND PART, Meditation in the action

• The eternal present
• The diverse modalities of the self.
• The states of consciousness