Meditation seminar

It is a theoretical-practical course of introduction to meditation, specially designed for those who have never meditated before.

It is also highly recommended for those who consider themselves experts, as Sesha provides in this course some very simple keys, but they make a real difference when it comes to doing a really valid and functional practice.

This course replaces the old meditation courses 1 and 2. It is a weekend seminar that is held on Friday afternoons and Saturday and Sunday mornings.

Additional Information

The purpose of the Meditation Seminar is to give the fundamental theoretical and practical elements on which Vedanta Advaita meditation can be established. With these basic elements it is possible to carry out meditative practice and develop a fully coherent theoretical-practical metaphysical system.

In the theoretical aspect , questions such as the following are explained:

  • The self-luminous and inexhaustible nature of Non-dual Consciousness.
  • The nature of the Present and of Attention as practical and living expressions of Non-dual Consciousness.
  • Internal meditation and external meditation, that is, meditative practice “without” or “with” the intervention of the five senses.
  • The five states in which Consciousness can manifest (Sleep, Thought, Observation, Concentration, and Meditation, in addition to Samadhi)
  • What is the subject (observer) and what is the object (the observed). Forms of relationship between the two: Duality and Non-duality.

In the practical aspect , Sesha addresses three types of exercises:

  • Internal Meditative Practice
  • Dialogues with students to detect errors or obstacles and refine practice