Meditation Internships

The internships are intended for those students who are looking to delve into advaita vedanta meditation in a targeted and intensive way, both internally and externally.

It consists of five or seven days of intensive meditation, beginning around twelve AM. of the first day and concluding the last (either the fifth or the seventh) after lunch. The arrival or departure is flexible, being possible to join the boarding school a few days later or to leave a few days before, according to the possibilities of the assistant.

The daily routine includes between six and ten hours of internal meditation in sessions of 45 minutes or one hour, and the rest of the time in external practices. This is combined with the moments of breakfast, lunch and dinner, and with breaks of a few minutes.

In Spain they are usually taught at the Angosto monastery, Álava, or at St. Martí de Sesgueioles, Catalonia, always on a full-board basis with breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Additional Information

Sesha employs ingenious and creative outdoor meditative practice exercises to stimulate the attentive presence of her students; She also gives some lively talks that are, in themselves, also a deep meditation.

The combination of internal practices, meditative talks and external practices induces in the practitioner a state of attention of such sharpness and presence that it is not uncommon for Non-duality to open its doors, allowing meditators to glimpse it, or even to live it with fullness.

When it comes to five-day boarding schools, the most common feeling when the fifth day arrives is that time has flown by, to the point that many regret the conclusion of the retreat so soon. This has motivated a longer seven-day retreat once a year.