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Meditation Seminar

This is an introductory, theoretical-practical course in meditation, especially designed for those who have never practiced meditation before. It is also highly recommended for those who consider themselves experts on te subject, as Sesha provides very simple keys which are vital to achieving really valid and functional practice. This course replaces the old meditation courses numbers 1 and 2. This is a weekend seminar given on Friday evening plus Saturday and Sunday mornings Meditation Seminar Calendar


Additional information

The purpose of the Meditation Seminars are to give theoretical and practical foundation elements upon which it is possible to establish Advaita Vedanta Meditation. These basic elements make it possible to practice  meditation  along with developing a totally coherent theoretical-practical metaphysical system.

From the theoretical aspect, questions, such as the following, are explained:

The Non-ascertainable and Self-illuminating nature of Non-Dual Consciousness.

The nature of the present and Attention as living, practical expressions of Non-Dual Consciousness.

Inner and outer Meditation, that is to say meditation practice <<with>> or <<without>> the intervention of the five senses.

The five states in which consciousness manifests (Dream, Thought, Observation, Concentration, and Meditation, apart from Samadhi)

What is the Subject (the Observer) and what is the Object (the Observed). The forms of relationship between both: Duality and Non-Duality.

In the practical aspect, Sesha deals with three types of exercises:

Attention exercises, with the aim of helping students perceive and develop this treasured gift, that of becoming awake for themselves.

Inner meditation practice.

Conversations with students to detect mistakes and obstacles and to put the finishing touches to their practice.

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