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Who is Sesha?

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There is an immense gap between western explications and the real appreciation of the ancient oriental sages and Vedanta scholars with respect to interpretations of the nature of mind and awareness.

Sesha, The Cognition Fields.

Born in Bogotá, Colombia, in 1960, he studied engineering and oriental philosophy. His unceasing search into the nature of reality led him from an early age into the practice of meditation, combining it with the study of classical oriental writers: Ramana Maharshi, Patanjali, Gaudapada, Govindapada, Sankara, etc.

In the early years of study he was confronted with the same difficulty that most searchers come across on trying to go deeply into these subjects: difference in opinion between authors; unclear mapping of the analysis of meditation practice and very often  metaphysical conceptualisation far removed from western culture and lifestyle.

At the age of 26, and after various deep meditation experiences, he achieved  transcendental experience (this episode is described in his book Advaita Vedanta).  From this moment onwards he initiated his journeys which would lead him to different countries where he would teach and analyse his non-dual experience through meditation courses, conferences and interviews.

His first two books, In Search of Nothingness and The Eternal Present, are edited as texts to help his students.  Later on he wrote The Divine Paradox, where he brilliantly analyses the different states of consciousness a human being can attain in a new and fresh way, in inner and outer modes, that is, with or without sensory inclusion.

Afterwards he wrote The Cognition Fields, his most representative and conclusive work, in which he includes all the collected knowledge of his inner experience during the previous 20 years, throughout his teaching mission in many countries. His latest book is Advaita Vedanta, a book which aims to provide a bridge between his first two and last two books.  At present he is working on a book entitled Quantum and Vedanta, where he goes deeply into the close interrelation between quantum physics and the timeless ideas of the Vedanta

At the present time he gives courses and conferences in Spain, Brazil, Argentina and Columbia.  Apart from writing press articles, he is preparing various additional books on the Vedanta and related themes.

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