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The Divine Paradox

Book cover "The Divine Paradox"

Theory and practice in the States of Consciousness and Meditation

288 pages, 14.5 x 21cms, 13 €. Book in Spanish Language.

In this book Sesha shows his gift for systemization, and thoroughly analyses cognition in its different possible layers. The analysis of the inner and outer states of consciousness, together with the way to reach them, make this book a masterpiece.

This book is the first of its kind. It is able to, step by step, analyse, comment and guide students through the process of cognition and its repercussion in the practice of inner and outer meditation. It is not a book to be read quickly and superficially but rather in a slow and reflective manner.

The book's thorough analysis makes this work a compendium to be studied at great length and deeply analysed.

Selection of texts (PDF format):

Introduction Chapter VIII


Introduction 17

Prologue 19


CHAPTER I: The Essential Nature of the Present and the Past-Future Time Zone

Previous Considerations 23

The Present 24

The Sequence of Events that Flow in the Present 27

Dialogue One 28

The Events that Have Happened and that Will Happen

The Events that Have Happened 32

The Events that Will Happen 34

Dialogue Two 37


CHAPTER II: The States of Consciousness Associated with the Present

Prior Considerations 43

The Nature of Consciousness 43


CHAPTER III: The Nature of the Four Constraints

The Nature of the Four Constraints 49

The Spatial Constraint 50

The Subject and the Object 51

Dialogue Three 54

Particularity and Totality 60

Particular perception 61

Dialogue Four 65

Total Perception 70

Dialogue Five 72

The border constraint  75

Table 1: Spatial and Border Constraints 77

Table 2: Examples of Intersection between Spatial and Border Constraints 78

The <<inner>> and the <<outer>> subject 79

Fig. 1: <<inner>> subject - <<outer>> object 82

The <<inner>> subject 85

Dialogue Six 86

The <<outer>> subject 91

Dialogue Seven 93

The Constraint of Causality 95

Table 3:States of Consciousness according to the Intersection of Spatial, Border and Causality Constraints 98

Relish for the fruits 100

Dialogue Eight 101

Sense of belongingness 103

Dialogue Nine 104

The Interpretive Constraint107

Dialogue Ten 108

Summary 112

Table 4: States of Consciousness 112

Table 5: Border Symmetry 113

Table 6: Spatial Symmetry 113

Table 7: Causal Symmetry 114

Table 8: Interpretive Symmetry 115

Intersection of the Constraints 115

Table 9: Intersection of the Consciousness of Thought with the Border Constraint and Spatial Intersections 116

Table 10: Intersection of the Border of the Consciousness of Thought with the Border , Spatial and Causal Constraints 117

Table 11: Intersection of the Consciousness of Thought with the Border, Spatial, Causal and Interpretive Constraints 117




CHAPTER IV: States of Consciousness associated with the Present

Introduction 121

State of Observation

Inner Observation 123

Outer Observation 126

Dialogue Eleven 131

State of Concentration

From Observation to Concentration 134

Inner Concentration 137

Dialogue Twelve 141

Outer concentration 150

Dialogue Thirteen 157

State of Meditation

From Concentration to Meditation 163

Dialogue Fourteen 165


CHAPTER V: The Nature of Duality and Non-Duality

The I And The Non-I 169

The Nature Of Duality 171

Dialogue Fifteen 173

The Nature Of  Non-Duality 175

Non-Duality Versus Duality 178

Dialogue Sixteen 198

Non-Duality In Concentration Versus Non-Duality In Meditation 208

Dialogue Seventeen 217


CHAPTER VI: The four Constraints

Prior considerations 223

Border Constraint 223

Temporal Constraint  225 .

Spatial Constraint  226

Interpretive Constraint 228


CHAPTER VII: States of Consciousness

Consciousness and Mind

Dream State 233

Thought State 234

Observation State

Border condition <<inner>> 236

Border condition <<outer>> 238

Concentration State

Border condition <<inner>> 241

Border condition <<outer>> 244

Meditation State

Border condition <<inner>> 247

Border condition <<outer>> 249


CHAPTER VIII: Inner Meditation

Prior considerations 253

State of Sleep and Thought 256

State of Inner Observation 258

State of Inner Concentration 262

State of Meditation 265



CHAPTER IX: The four paradoxes

Prior considerations 269

Border Paradox 269

Causal Paradox 272

Spatial Paradox 274

Interpretive Paradox 278



Appendix 1: States of consciousness and identity associated to each state 283

Appendix 2: Summary of the Four symmetries associated with the mind 283

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