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Residential Meditation Courses

Residential courses are suggested for those students who wish to study Advaita Vedanta meditation in depth in an intensive and supervised manner, whether it be in the inner or outer field.

These consist of five to seven days of intensive meditation, beginning at 12 a.m. the first day and concluding after lunch on the last day (on either the fifth or seventh day). Arrival and departure is flexible, it being possible to join the course after the beginning, as it is also possible to leave earlier (depending on the needs and possibilities of each student).

Daily routine includes between six to ten hours of inner meditation in 45 minute or 1 hour sessions, the rest of the time being dedicated to outer practices. This combines with breakfast, lunch and dinner times, along with short rests of a few minutes.

In Spain they usually take place at the monastery of Angosto, Alava province, or at St Marti de Sesgueioles, Catalonia, in all cases with full board including breakfast, lunch and dinner. [Residential Course Calendar]

Additional information

Sesha employs ingenious y creative exterior meditation to stimulate the attentive presence of his students; he also gives lively talks which are a source of profound meditation in themselves.

The combination of inner and outer practices along with talks on meditation induce an attentive state in the practitioner, totally present and searching, bringing them, not surprisingly to the threshold of Non-Duality, allowing those meditating to catch a glimpse of it, or even fully experience it.

When taking the five day resident course, the most common sensation on reaching the fifth day is that of time having passed so quickly, so much so that many feel sad that their stay has come to an end. For this reason we have felt it necessary to provide a more extensive course lasting seven days once a year.


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