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The Eternal Present

Book cover "The Eternal Present"

The realization of being: a path towards active meditation

208 pages, 13.50 x 21.50 cms. Book in Spanish Language.


The format of this book consists of explanations, followed in every case by new separate clarifying questions and answers on the subject previously discussed. The book thoroughly analyses the nature of action and its implications for metaphysical, ethic and karmic concepts.

This is a book which is within reach of all readers, as Sesha uses western pedagogical language. It is recommended to all students, but also for those investigating any discipline of  knowledge who wish to go deeper into the details of Karma Yoga, Right Action or the path of Dharma..


Introduction 11

Prologue 15



CHAPTER I: Theoretical Considerations

The Dilemma of Right Action in Western Thought Patterns 25

Bases of Indo-European Ethics 30

Identification with Action 36

Forms of Action 38

Right Action 49

Yearning for the Fruit of Action 51

Egotism Contained in Actions 54

Karma: The Consequences of Non-Action and Compulsory Action 56

Samsara: The consequences of Karma 61.


CHAPTER II: Meditation in action

The eternal present 67

The past 71, The future 74.


CHAPTER III: The distinct forms of the ‘I’

The vacuity of ego, the vacuity of the <<I>> 81

Inside and outside of oneself 83

First State: Dream 86

Second State: Thought 87

Third State: Observation 90

Fourth State: Concentration 93

Fifth State: Meditation 97



CHAPTER I: The Dilemma of Right Action 103

CHAPTER II: Moral Dissociation within Action 113

CHAPTER III: Karma: the Expression of Ethics Without Limits 125

CHAPTER IV: Gunas: Active Agents of Action 145

CHAPTER V: Right Action 161


Appendix 1: The four forms of reality 179

The Dual World, the Non-Dual World 183


Appendix 2: The thresholds of the mind 191

The thresholds of the mind 194

The thresholds of meditation practice 198

The observer and the observed 207



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