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Keys to Sesha's teachings

There are two paths to fundamental awareness:

The path of Gnana, which is the way of uniting with the Absolute through metaphysical understanding, and

The path of Bhakti, which is the way of uniting with the Absolute through love and devotion.

It is important to accept that the way of Karma Yoga  an essential previous step towards the disciple's development of discernment (viveka), and which later on leads more deeply into either of the above-mentioned fundamental paths. The path of Gnana seeks to analyse, clarify and establish the nature of awareness in the student, that is, the Chit aspect of Brahman, the non-dual Absolute. Sesha's teachings are rooted in this path, engaging with the analysis of the states of consciousness and the real process of cognition.

Within Sesha's teachings three fundamental contributions to be taken into account:

The systematization of the Vedanta tradition

The systematization of the states of consciousness and meditation practice

The systematization of total knowledge within a unified theory

To get to know more about Sesha's contributions in greater detail one only has to click on <<know more>> in the relevant section, or go to the << publications>> section, which contains summaries of his teachings and a selection of his written work.

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